Monday, July 25, 2011

Apple Tree Yarn Bomb

I had this idea a couple of years ago and never followed through. I've got some encouragement now so I'm thinking a revival is in order!

My plan is this:
1. Recruit others (and myself) to make knitted/crotchet apple cozies.
2. Collect
3. Wait for apples to grow
4. Find a lovely tree whose apples seem to need a hug
5. Cover as many apples as I can with cozies
6. Take pictures and share
7. ?????
8. Profit

Okay, 7 and 8 aren't really part of it but I felt I couldn't leave them out.
If you're interested, email me at

Free cozy patterns:
I've used the above before, and it works really well. The large is really large if you use red heart, but that isn't always a bad thing. We get some monster apples here in NH
I haven't used this one because I can only crochet squares and rectangles. Anything more complicated comes out a disaster. But I hear it's a good pattern. If you have any other free pattern suggestions, just leave them in the comments.

I can't offer and monetary compensation but everyone who participates will get credit in the final photos.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Here comes the 180

Celebrating our 100th sale was amazing! I'm so happy that so many people participated and that we got to share our tees with more people.
Now comes the hard part. We've had to make a very difficult decision. We've done fairly well for what we've put in to spareGus Ink, but it has come to the point where we had to decide if it is worth continuing. Anybody that knows Andy & I will know that while this business isn't exactly what we planned on, we grew to enjoy it and had some really great times doing this. It is unfortunate that our life situation has taken us to the point where it just isn't feasible. We're planning the close to be in the next 30-60 days, providing we can find a buyer for our equipment. It may be sooner or it may be later, but it is going to happen. We love and appreciate all the support and customers we've had the pleasure to know and sell to.
Thanks again!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Winner of the shirt from SpareGus Ink is AntB! Congrats! Please convo me on etsy to let me know what you'd like!