Friday, May 14, 2010


Lots of drool happening around here...I never expected needing bibs before we started on food, but the drool is insane! I only had about 2 bibs (why did nobody tell me I would need more than that?), so I grabbed some old tees, made up a pattern, and went to work.
Basically, I took shirts in good condition and cut my pattern over the design. I backed them with scraps of velour left from making diapers, did some top stitching to keep it all in place, and added snaps...I decided to make them adjustable to get the most out of my work, though when I get some velcro, I think it might be safer to use than the snaps.
When I realized I was left with a bunch of tee shirt backs, I cut some more from those and did a lot of reverse applique, which is a great quiet activity for when he's napping, but also it's pretty portable, so I was able to make some while waiting for appointments and such.
I got a bit obsessed, so we have about 2 dozen bibs now...would you believe that it still feels like we don't have enough? We go through about a dozen a day between spit ups and drool, and if I don't get to the laundry he ends up wearing crusty bibs. ew.
Anyway, thought I'd share my pattern in case anyone is interested, they are quick and easy to do, and if you make it adjustable you will get a lot of life out of them, and your old tees!

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