Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Little Man Pants

Ferris is growing so fast, I've been trying to plan ahead. So, I've spent some time making little man pants. I gathered together some felted sweaters and a pair of corduroys that I no longer wear, and came up with these:

The two on the left I made using a pattern traced from a pair of 12 month pants -

And of course I had to add little knee patches to the corduroys. There's a matching patch on the bum, too.
The pair on the right was made using this tutorial - http://www.make-baby-stuff.com/wool-diaper-cover.html
The tutorial is great because you use the sleeves and so half the work is already done! All in all I got 2 pairs of pants per sweater, and one from the corduroys. I think I'll be making more, too, they are quick and easy, and I've been able to use our clothes to make them.


  1. You are so clever. I will have to learn to sew better. You are muy inspirational!