Thursday, September 2, 2010


My current obsession: bunting flags. I think they are just too adorable and fun. I love the triangle ones but also the square ones that are like prayer flags. Earlier this year I made this set for Ferris' room:
I used swatches and scraps to make this one and I love how colorful it is. Turns out it's a little long, but not too bad.
My newest project has become printing flags on the garment printer to be used specifically for making these bunting garlands. Hence, the first example:Gnomes and mushrooms. I am in love with this set. It only has six flags but it's still 4 feet long. I listed it in my etsy shop but I am very tempted to keep it. I suppose if it actually sells I can make another, and for now I can gaze at them all I want!

Also, I'm quite obsessed with all things Montessori right now. I know my guy isn't quite old enough for a lot of it yet, but at the rate I've been getting things done I just might have my research and supplies ready about the time that he will be. I can't wait, I think I'm going to have a lot of fun learning along with him.

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